POWER BANK 13500mAh WUW U32 Lithium-Ion


– Temperature Protection
– Over Voltage Protection
– Input: Micro 5V 2.0A Fast Charger
– Battery output: USB 1 / 2 / : DC5V / 2A Max. Total output DC5V / 2.1A Max



This 13500mAh WUW comes with not just one, but two USB ports so you can charge your phone and a friends phone, your earphones, or anything else you need to! It will quickly and effectively help to solve your “low battery” problem and is perfect for going out, long trips and having handy just in case. Your phone will fast charge simply by placing it on top of the pad.

Portable Design: This is great for day-to-day usage at your desk or bedside dresser. However, portability is especially ideal for travel, vacations, emergency, camping, etc. The possibilities are endless, now you can even charge your phone on an airplane/train/bus. With portable power, you can charge anytime, anywhere!
Battery LED Display for power level, therefore you can check the remaining power level anytime.


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