Product Parameters:
– Phone clamp: 83x27mm Maximum opening: 97mm
– Fixed clamp: 112x76mm Maximum opening: 70mm
– Flexible tube: 600x10mm
– Distance range: 600mm (load 280g)
– Usage range: 460mm (load 500g)



Have you always wanted to comfortably watch movies and series in bed or read ebooks, without your arms getting tired?

Or are you dropping your phone on your face when using it lying on your bed?

This Lazy Neck Phone Holder is the best solution.

Totally free up your both hands, you just hang it on your neck.
You can walk, you can lie down, or comfortably sit in the car or lie in bed or sofa, enjoy favourite movies while relaxing your body by a pleasing posture.
A flexible long arm can be bent, making the phone screen before your eyes at a perfect angle and height.
It gives you access to adjust the appropriate distance to use your phone, closer to eyes, or further away.
Hold your phone stably, a strong bracket keeps the phone secured.
Neck-hang design provides freedom to hands, and also a funny way to hold your phone.
Compatible with most mobile phones

Product features:
– Environmentally friendly materials with aviation-grade magnesium alloy;
– 360-degree rotating design for watching with comfortable directions;
– Easily and flexibly hold mobile phones, tablets and other devices;
– Black colour flat tube with green, black,white, orange,yellow phone clamps;
– Factory competitive prices with one year warranty.


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