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The Gadget Store brings technology to your fingertips. We are in the digital age and not all are fully participating.

Something that is a major concern to us. People in the higher income groups have more disposable income to acquire gadgets and tech. All these devices were invented to enhance your life, free up more time and streamlining your life. The internet of things is here and we want all to participate…….. irrespective of income or background.

Join us in creating a community of people that are interconnected and have the common goal of all-inclusive community growth. Those communities are not separated by culture or income. These devices, used in the morally correct manner, are there to enhance our lives. Some of us have technophobia and we need to conquer our fears.

However, you are not alone. Millions of people have the same challenge.
In both scenarios of PRICE and TECHNOPHOBIA we provide the solutions:
  1. Our products are perfectly economically priced to suit your pocket
  2. You already have tech-savvy young people in your own house, next door or neighbourhood that could assist you. I found that the more exposure people (young and old) have to gadgets, the easier it becomes to combat the fear when you purchase the next device. Skills and confidence were developed and it becomes increasingly easier to get a grip of the new device that was purchased.

Now, you have the opportunity to conquer those fears and you are now able to both purchase those devices as well as learning how to use them. Each household has a young people that are extremely tech savvy. The only lack is that we do not always have the means to acquire gadgets, until now. Through us you have the opportunity to buy gadgets that suit your pocket. We cater for both cash purchases on some of our buying platforms like Facebook Marketplace as well as cards purchases like our online store platform.

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