About Us

CABSA dreams of caring Christian communities that are able to bring new life and hope in the areas of health, wellbeing and equality in a world affected by HIV. In order to achieve this, CABSA motivates and assists the Church to bring change through training, advocacy, knowledge management and networking.

CABSA is a faith based NGO registered in South Africa, providing services internationally, but with a specific focus on Southern Africa.

Through the work of CABSA, faith leaders and faith communities learn accurate scientific about HIV and the sociocultural drivers of the HIV epidemic, hear God's voice in the epidemic and develop a sound Biblical response and are equipped to initiate and guide a HIV competent response in their local faith community.

CABSA has two flagship programmes and one key campaign. The two projects are the CARIS (the Christian AIDS Resource and Information service), which manages this website, and the Churches, Channels of Hope programme. The reach of our Churches, Channels of Hope programme is expanded through partnership with license holders, World Vision International and AIDSLink. CABSA is involved in a genderbased violence campaign - "Thursdays in Black" and also manages the website www.thursdaysinblack.co.za

CABSA is not a direct service organisation, but builds capacity and guides and supports Christian communities to respond to the challenges of HIV through advocacy, comprehensive online information services, a variety of trainings and workshops, mobilising and networking.

 You can read more about the organisation's core values and guiding principles which direct us in all we do.

You can also download the short introduction to CABSA in Afrikaans and English below.

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